Client Reviews of Credit Counseling Course

"This course is very easy to understand."
            Shiela T.
            Austin, TX
"Teriffic program! I enjoyed it and found it useful to my situation."
               Ben P.
               Houston, TX
“The videos were cute and reminded me of TV show Person of Interest.”
                  Joe M.
                  Arlington, TX
“I took the course on line and found it user friendly and the information very valuable for the wellbeing of my financial life. Which I plan to regain control of.”
                  Rosie G.
                  Miami Gardens, FL
“Excellent course.”
                  Jeanine H.
                  Naples, FL
“Thank you. Some tips were pretty amazing and I will share with others.”
                  Yudelka D.
                  Fort Myers, FL
“This course was very helpful. I know I can make a monthly budget and stick to it. It'll be hard adjusting it first. But I know I can do it.”
                  Tammy F.
                  Palmdale, CA
“Thank you good course overall!”
                        Roberto R.
                        Orlando, FL
“None of this was relevant to my situation. I don't drink or smoke; I don't buy expensive shoes, and I didn't waste credit card debt on take out. I simply did not earn enough to provide for a family of 4 with high gas prices, and a mortgage that doubled when my income did not.”
                  Trevor R.
                  Orlando, FL


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