Client Reviews of Debtor Education Course

“This is a great program. It has opened my eyes in so many levels. Thank you.”

                        Jean R.

                        Tampa, FL

“Great course!”

                        Cameron C.

                        Kingsville, GA

“It would be helpful to print the course entirely and keep for person records and for review.”

                        Wade B.

                        Plano, TX

“Thanks for having a representative available on the phone to help me when I needed technical support to move on.”

                        Thamar M.

                        Miami, FL

“Very important information provided in this course, from now on I will set-up a monthly expenditure plan and to have a cushion fund for emergencies and save for the future.”

                        Nery M.

                        Orlando, FL


                        Bobbie W.

                        Jacksonville, FL

“Thanks I have learned a great deal.”

                        Mary F.

                        Sandy, UT

”This was an eye opener, and I will start a budget immediately.”

                        Kim B.

                        Plano, TX


"Simple and to the point. There is something in here for everybody from all socioeconomic backgrounds."

                     Stephen F.

                     Ruskin, FL


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