Attacking Financial Illiteracy

Today’s economic challenges affect consumers of all ages, yet most do not understand the fundamentals of personal financial principals and practice.  It is difficult for consumers to understand the terms and conditions of rental agreements, credit agreements, insurance policies, changes in consumer protection laws, etc. Classic and contemporary literature* is used to help teach basic personal money management, the psychology of money, and the wise use of credit. 

This day-long seminar can be broken into 1-hour workshops.  Topics covered include banking fundamentals, planning for the unexpected, credit agreements, assessing needs vs. wants, the true cost of college education, planning for the future, and many other vital topics to become financially literate.  Each seminar and workshop includes lively relevant discussion, videos, games, and real-life case studies.


*Confessions of a Shopaholic, Madam Bovary, Hamlet, & The Good Earth



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